The magnetic nucleus allows us the complete control of the particles movement. With this, we can assure de complete recovery of the particles and its reuse.

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The coating material allow us to catch high-value compounds indepently of the material or size of the compound.


<20nm nanoparticles

Our main advantage is the ability to recover particles independently on its material or size. We are able to recover particles between 5 and 20 nm.

Easy process

No high pressure needed. All the purification processes need high pressure applied through different kinds of filters. With our technology we eliminate this need.


The velocity of the treatment, thanks to the velocity of the magnetic recovery with magnetic fields. This allow us to treat effluents until 16 liter per minute.

Reusable particles

The reuse of the particles has a big effect on the reducing of reagents used on the treatment. This factor make our technology easily the minor amount of opex between all the competitor technologies.


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