Making industrial nanotechnology affordable

At Bioferric Ink S.L. we have developed a technology based on the use of magnetic microparticles to make purification process more scalable, cheaper, and quicker.

Thanks to our technology chemical companies can produce and purify smaller catalysts (from 5 to 20 nanometers). This achievement have two advantages for our customers:

1. Increase the efficiency of the catalyst.

2. Reduce the consumption of precious metals.

What we can offer



We analize and optimize our microparticles in order to improve the purification of the compound of interest of the customers.

Our extraction process has achieved extractions above 98% in all our projects.



As a machinery selling company, our main goal is to adapt our technology and the needs of the customer to obtain the best solution. This solution pass through the industrial machinery and its design.

Our indsutrial partner BRIGMAN will take care of the machinery assembly.


Our vision is becoming the first purification option for industrial chemical companies in Europe in the next 7 years. We want to reduce 20% the consumption of precious metals for 2030. In adittion, we also want industrial nanotechnology applications to be a reality.

Our mission consists on making indsutrial nanotechnology affordable to all   indsutrial chemical companies. With this, we will be able to  implant circular economy systems in order to reduce the consumption of raw materials and to obtain a more sustainable chemical industry.

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