BIOFERRIC has been fortunate to receive the CREATEC – CV grant with the MAGNETOSURFACE 0+ project.


The objectives of the development carried out through the Createc grant were to validate at laboratory level the use of our technology based on magnetic microparticles for the extraction or elimination of contaminants present in wastewater from the surface treatment sector, and to start with the industrial scaling of the processes developed.

The results have been satisfactory for all the applications developed achieving, on the one hand, optimized particles for the extraction of heavy metals and organic compounds, in addition to having optimized an existing process for the degradation of organic matter through our technology. On the other, a functional device that has allowed us to continue with industrial development until a pilot test validation.

This has been possible thanks to IVACE, the Generalitat Valenciana and the financing obtained by the FEDER funds, within the FEDER Operational Program of the Valencian Community 2014 – 2020.


We keep improving!

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